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Starting with the Basics*

TWhile we offer the full range of hosting services, we focus on webhosting, e-mail and cloud computing. We here at NetRat believe that this covers the essentials of modern day business needs. If you're in the market for the latest IT and want it stress-free, we've got you covered to a tee - we'll transfer your website and e-mail free of charge, hook you with NextCloud (if you think that Dropbox is the only way to go, boy are you in for a surprise!), take care of daily maintenance, updates and, if necessary, even user administration.
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In this day and age, your website is your company's true lobby: the client comes, has a look around and instantly gets an impression of who you are, what's on offer and whether you're worth it all. Websites offer a way for customers to make snap judgments - that they want YOU, and only you, til the Terms of Service do you part.


Your unique personal or company e-mail is like a business card you slip into your recipient's pocket with each new letter. Your e-mail can help enhance personal contact with your customers, preserve communications for future use, cut costs, conduct marketing or keep your clients informed of new developments.

Cloud Computing

E-documents form the bedrock for the continuity of business operations, keeping tabs on just what it is you do. Your e-documents must be readily available throughout their life-cycle - easily accessible on demand from anywhere, at any time.


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