NetRat. The Legend.

Everything you need to know about the Rat.

The Legend of NetRat

NetRat didn't start out wanting to be the big cheese of service providers - no, all the little rodent wanted at first was something that would fulfill its own unique needs.
Here's how it happened.

apie Tinklo Žiurkė

Like many of you, NetRat was up to its whiskers in IT services - whether it was ratting out vermin by e-mail, storing many, many pictures of family gatherings in Rodentia online or plugging itself into the Cloud to keep up to date on the go, the clever rodent gorged itself on data every day. But life was not perfect. The Rat had a problem - IT providers were willing to offer either breadcrumbs for peanuts, which it didn't need, or the cheese platter course, which it couldn't afford! The Rat was afraid it would get a ratty deal, where its data and privacy would be at stake. To make matters worse, every day a swarm of bratty nephews and nieces would pull its whiskers about storing their selfies and cheesepics, slowly gnawing at the NetRat's legendary patience. Until one day, it had enough. If IT providers couldn't give a rat's posterior about the services that NetRat needed, it was time to get into the biz and show these mice how to do a rat's job. NetRat had a clear goal in mind - to get its little paws on its own equipment and have complete control over the hardware and software. NetRat liked being in control. Oh boy, yes. So what happened next? What NetRat envisioned was a snug personal server in its rat hole; what it eventually got was a miniature data centre on separate premises under 24/7 surveillance, with UPS, power generators, a separate fibre-optic cable, dedicated networking equipment (with backups), a centralized database, backup servers and spare parts stored in a remote location. To power this little beast, the Rat chose from the best open-source software - namely, OpenBSD, Centos and FreeBSD. So yeah, a classic case of feature creep. The results were impressive, to say the least - a powerful, sleek data base that fulfilled NetRat's humble needs a hundredfold. In fact, now the Rat had the opposite problem - even being a glutton for data, it could barely chew a fraction of the resources this beast possessed! Thankfully, word got out, and soon enough, neighbours of every shape and size came a-knocking, cheese in hand, for a little bit of space for their e-mail, photos, backups... And it just so happened that NetRat was a big fan of cheese. So that's where we're at. You can live your life without cheese, but just try imagining life without the internet, without network infrastructure, without databases and all that jazz. And if you, just like NetRat, also have unique IT needs and want a tailored solution within your budget, get in touch - the Rat will sort you out. Just don't forget the cheese.